Originally established in 2014 as Mordiford Community Choir. The SING4JOY Choir creates a positive environment and an opportunity for people to gather and sing together. It is the highlight of many peoples week, giving them a much needed lift or enabling them to switch off from the stresses of life for a couple of hours.

Singing helps people calm down physically. The body produces endorphins - the happy hormone that affects every cell in the body – which lift the spirits and boosts the immune system.

Firm and lasting friendships are formed. People look out for each other, support each other, laugh with each other and feel fantastic when they hear the wonderful harmonies they make together.

Singing in a choir is not only about communality, social cohesion and harmony; for many it is an essential source of emotional wellbeing and positive mental health. It is a powerful expression of our culture and humanity!

Singing together has great health benefits for breathing, for your heart and for emotional well-being.

According to the NHS, the five steps to wellbeing are: connect, be active, keep learning, give to others, be mindful. All of these can be applied to group singing:

1. CONNECT: singing brings us together as a community and helps forge strong social bonds.

2. BE ACTIVE: singing is an aerobic activity that regulates breathing while also relaxing and energising the body.

3. KEEP LEARNING: singing uses different parts of the brain as you process new words, melodies, rhythms,

4. GIVE TO OTHERS: you are giving in a musical sense when people hear you perform; also, most choirs are socially conscious and are active fundraisers.

5. BE MINDFUL: singing is a multi sensory experience that encourages you to be fully present (mindful) and may result in a state of flow.

We sing arrangements of popular music spanning the decades under the leadership of Music Practitioner/DIRECTOR Tom Hughes.

We meet at Hampton Bishop Village Hall, Hereford between 7:30-9pm each Tuesday during term-time.

The fee is £5 per session.

We welcome new singers of any ability at the venue of your choice.